Flower Farm

“An enchanting paradise inspired by the love
for seasonal flowers and nature”


Due to the large demand for “non-seasonal” blooms year round, the majority of flowers sold in Italy come from far away places

such as South America and Africa, where often resources, safeguards and ethical working conditions don’t exist.

Many varieties of rare and delicate flowers suffer tremendously from long and stressful trips around the world

and often arrive at their destination in very poor condition.

Our Flower Farm was born from the desire to respect nature and the natural cycle of seasonal flowers.

Here at Il Casale Denari we are surrounded by beautiful hills that inspire us with their multitude of colors and movement.

Our floral arrangements are made using only seasonal flowers and plants.

Our know-how and love of nature ensures the originality, sustainability and unique beauty of our arrangements.

Flowers are natural elements born from our Earth. Let us not forget that!


Il Casale Denari was uninhabited for many years, until Azzurra, her husband Alberto and their son Umberto

decided to make it their place of residence in 2015, bringing it back to life.

Azzurra then began working at a nearby venue which hosts weddings and events.

The floral décor she discovered at these events reminded her of her love of flowers. She realized that Il Casale Denari estate

could provide her with a wonderful and abundant space to cultivate this passion. This, combined with her curiosity,

led her to create a business based on authentic and environmentally friendly principles.

She decided to study everything she could about flowers and how to cultivate them following nature’s rhythms

and without the use of pesticides. She also learned about floral design, discovering eco-friendly techniques,

softer compositions and designs which use strictly seasonal blooms.

The idea of a flower farm with a floral design lab was born in order to bring together cultivation, sustainability and creativity.

Today, Il Casale Denari, which has been an agricultural centre for hundreds of years, is a flower farm that respects

the ‘Slow Flowers’ approach. We strongly believe in a future dedicated to respecting our planet.


Il Casale Denari Flower Farm offers various services linked to the world of flowers. We host weddings and events offering services tailored to individual needs. We create bouquets and floral décor upon request for companies, shops and individual clients. We sell our cut flowers to florists in the Oltrepò Pavese, Milan, Pavia and Genoa.


The Casale Denari Flower Farm periodically organizes workshops on site or in nearby floral labs. Our courses range in topic from cultivation to flower arranging for those interested as a hobby as well as for professionals who wish to extend their training.

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The historical estate, originally consisting of an Augustinian convent and various farmhouses dating back to the 1600s, had always been dedicated to the production of wine. The territory is, in fact, renowned for its vineyards and beautiful vine covered hills.

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Il Casale Denari is an estate in the Oltrepò Pavese area of Lombardy, Italy, situated on an unspoiled hill, and only 60 km from Milan.


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