Originally, Il Casale Denari was called “Casal Donelasco”, a “palace”, as recorded in several historical documents, where the local lord lived.

Mappa storica Oltrepò Pavese - Voghera

3rd SEPTEMBER 1412

As the crusades ended and lordships were established, Filippo Maria Visconti, the last duke of Milan, separated Casal Donelasco from the feudal land of Valle Versa and sold it to Rainaldo Beccaria for 32 lire (ancient monetary value).


When Claudio Beccaria died, Casal Donelasco was donated and some years later it became “autonomous land” governed by the township or “Comune”.

14th DECEMBER 1656

Lord Gerolamo del Pozzo became the new owner of Casal Donelasco, following orders from Philippe IV, King of Spain and Duke of Milan from 1621 to 1665.

Casale Denari Flower Farm - Pavia

5th DECEMBER 1691

Giovanni Gaetano del Pozzo, Gerolamo’s son, sold the property to Gerolamo Gambarana, a descendant of feudal lords from Montesegale.

16th JANUARY 1921

Casal Donelasco, with its 97 hectares of land, passed to the Denari family, a historical dynasty from Voghera, which held an important role in the entire Oltrepò region trading silk, wine and grain, and thus became “Il Casale Denari”.


According to the line of inheritance, the new owner of Il Casale Denari became Duke Antonio Denari who, in 1947-1948, began a major renovation and modernization of the Casale in order to meet the new living needs of the family. The architect in charge of the renovation was Emilio Aschieri of Pavia.


The duke focused his energy on “Il Casale” brand wine production. Among its most famous wines the “Rosso del Roccolo” produced from its very own vineyards. During those years, the restaurant “Hosteria del Casale” was opened inside the farmhouse, thus giving the duke credit for creating the first local “agriturismo” (by definition) although the term didn’t yet legally exist.

Sandro Pertini e il duca Denari - Il Casale Denari Flower Farm

1970s - 1980s

In just a few years, Il Casale Denari became the capital of Italian sparkling wine. Duke Denari was president for two decades of the “La Versa” Cooperative Winery and laid the foundation for the Oltrepò Pavese DOC Wine Consortium.

Mike Bongiorno e il Duca Denari - Il Casale Denari Flower farm


Duke Denari took part in the foundation of the Italian Institute of Classic Sparkling Wine which included the most important Italian brands specialized in this variety. For all of his life the duke strongly believed in the superiority of the hillside wines compared to those produced in the lowlands. He fought for the protection of his wines and he pursued the challenge between Oltrepò Pavese Classic Sparkling Wine and French Champagne.

Casale Denari Flower Farm - Pavia


Duke Denari resigned voluntarily from the institutions he chaired and then he decided to retire to private life in his Casale, which was already known as “Il Casale Denari”.


After many years of neglect, Il Casale Denari came alive again thanks to the duke's grandson, Alberto Bertuzzi Borgognoni, his wife Azzurra Scerni and their son Umberto. The family moved from Milan to the Oltrepò Pavese with grand ideas and important plans for the future.


Il Casale Denari became ``Il Casale Denari Flower Farm``. Azzurra began growing cut flowers: her idea stemmed from the fact that she could not find many flowers that she liked for her floral arrangements. Her desire was to follow the rhythm of the seasons for flowers the same way she already had for fruit and vegetables. Azzurra organizes weddings and events and hosts her floral workshops inside the Casale.
Alberto and Azzurra are also involved in the plans for renovation of the oldest part of their Casale, which will be dedicated to hospitality.

9th January 2020

Renovation work officially began for what will be the first ever ``Flower Resort`` in Italy.