The Oltrepò Pavese region is a land made of stories and people. A story, our story, that is rooted in this boundless, unspoiled and unique territory. Here it is easy to getting lost in the several itineraries explored in the name of nature and taste. A fertile land that offers the best resources ready to benefit from with authenticity and passion. Ancient hold towns are hidden between the vineyards and the slopes, dominated above by some mountain peaks nestled in the Straffora Valley and the Val Tidone. Whether in the urban areas or in the rural ones, the ancient beauty of nature stands out.

Oltrepò Pavese is a green land: it counts even hundred thousand hectares of soil including hills and mountains. Here, breathtaking panoramic terraces are the nestle of endless vineyards from which are produced excellent white, red and sparkling wines (as the famous Pinot nero and the Riesling). Among the culinary specialities we can appreciate not only wine but also cheese, cured meat and grain. Between the various agricultural crops cultivated in the area of Santa Maria della Versa, those of our Casale Denari stand out: in fact, the grain produced here every day is conferred on the near Molini di Voghera company for the production of “Farina Oltrepò”.

But our traditional food is even special: just mention the famous Salami of Varzi, the Nisso cheese produced in Menconico and the Quartirolo DOC, the natural lombardo soft cheese. That’s all real because this territory really exists just a few steps away from Milan. A timeless place where you can reconnect yourself with slow rhythms, ancient rural rituality and a deep respect for our Earth.